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ABRASIVES: Blast cleaning is the ideal cleaning process prior to forming, shearing, rolling, painting or galvanizing. Shot Blasting uses fine steel media to clean, de-scale and remove rust from parts. In wheel blasting, a wheel uses centrifugal force to propel the abrasive against an object. It is typically categorized as an airless blasting operation because there is no propellant (gas or liquid) used. A wheel machine is a high-power, high-efficiency blasting operation with recyclable abrasive (typically steel or stainless steel shot, cut wire, grit or similar sized pellets). For shot blasting application to get the desired surface finish , selection of abrasives media (steel shots/grits/cut wires etc.) are very important as far as the quality & specifications are concerned and should be at par with International standard. Due to a demand by various customers , in 2009 APJ India started exploring the possibilities to support their customers supplying blasting media indigenously but due to a demand of good quality shots with specified hardness etc., APJ India started an understanding with leading manufacturers from Europe and Asia to supply their products in Indian sub continent with a high quality product and reasonable price







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