Blast cabinet and Blast pots




 Blast cabinet

Blast cabinets are the workhorse of the abrasive blasting world. They are an economical, versatile piece of equipment that can be used for many different shapes and sizes of work, as well as a multitude of different abrasives and applications.
Cabinets can first be separated into suction and pressure systems:
Suction systems utilize the venturi principle to deliver the abrasive to the blast gun via suction (hence the name) where it is combined with your compressed air source and propelled against the work piece.
Pressure systems use a pressurized vessel to contain the abrasive. In these systems the abrasive is metered into the compressed air stream at the pot, and travels the length of the blast hose and out of the nozzle under pressure.
Wet blast systems propel a slurry of abrasive media and water against the work surface using a special slurry pump and compressed air. The water buffers and cushions the abrasive media which produces some unique finishing capabilities and advantages for wet blast systems


  Blast pots

Surface Preparation features a complete line of portable abrasive blasting equipment Our Portable Abrasive Blast Pots have been improved and refined from years of feedback by leading contractors and industrial customers. The result is a range of rugged machines, which offer the features, and reliability users have demanded which are designed and built in accordance with the current legislation for pressure systems





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